Why? Why? Why?

Hi All…Thank you for all the likes in Facebook and also for all the comments. I am really encouraged to write more even though it is really hard to fit this in my schedule.Only one good thing is I am able to connect to my school and college friends through this if not I would not have had a chance to even say “hi”.
Coming to today’s topic, my son is around 3 1/2 years and he is learning about everything now. He is like a sponge and he absorbs everything I tell him and he will ask so many questions especially “why?” and I am always surprised by his questions.Let me list the set of questions he asked in the past two weeks

*He is always baffled as to why my daughter doesn’t speak to him. One day when I was driving he asked me “Why doesn’t  Riya talk to me??”, I tried to tell him she is a little girl and she will talk when she is older, then his next question was “What will she say??” , I just saw a school bus going before me , I told him she will say”Look Pranav there is a school bus”. Now he totally believes that those are going to be her first words.
*He is so much into reading alphabets now, and yesterday his question was “Does alphabets go pee pee and poo poo?..I told him “no”, immediately  he asked”why?” then I told him only if you drink water and eat food you will go “pee pee and poo poo”  then again “why?”.I didn’t know what to say.
*His next question which I could not answer was “Why doesn’t Riya have pee pee like me ?”, this is something that I did not try to explain and just said “that is  how it is”.
* Why doI have to go to school? Why you have long hair and appa (dad) doesn’t ?Why do you scream at me? why should I clean my toys? why should I wear my shoes? Why should I not wear a jacket? why do you make dosa like this? Why cant I go to my friends house? Why do you lift Riya and not me ? who invented pizza? why do stars glow at night? what is a rainbow?..he keeps going on and on.
I am really amazed by the way he thinks and asks these questions. Sometimes I have to browse online to find the answer especially the meaning for all the religious slogas that I teach him.
Human brain is the most amazing creation I have ever seen. But one thing to notice is when we are young we want to learn so much and we ask so many questions but after a point we just think we know everything and stop learning, but our kids make us learn again.

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