Where is home??

Hello everyone . Hope all of you in Austin are enjoying the Spring weather. It is slowly getting hotter day by day and will be summer and up in 100 degrees soon. Enjoy it as long as it lasts as all good and bad things come to an end.

About today’s topic ,I know few Indian families who are moving back to India for good. I am really happy and excited for them. Change is always good. Just going on a vacation to India bring us so much joy and we look forward to it, going back for good is an amazing feeling. One thing I see in common between all the families is that kids are growing up and they have to go back before the kids reach a level where they cant adjust to India. I agree totally with that. It does come with so many other challenges too. I am sure their kids will have fun being with their grandparents also it is a lot of adjustment for them. In fact a big life change.

I recently watched a video on this topic “Reverse Brain Drain” where they clearly explained how the economy in foreign countries where Indians immigrate are driven by them.  If you look at it , India is a country which exports many engineers every year than any other country. When Satya Nadella became the CEO of Microsoft all Indian papers spoke so much about him. But the real fact is India missed someone like him. He is in a foreign country and building that country’s economy, which is really the sad fact. All of us Indians who immigrate to other countries dreaming about bright future, always think will go there study earn some money and go back to India , but will never be able to due to so many reasons.  But when you really go back  it is good for India  economically.  I wish good luck to all who are going back . Please share your thoughts on this. See you soon with another topic.

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