What is a COCKPIT??

Thank God it is Friday. Hope all of you had a wonderful day and looking forward to the weekend. I had a nice Friday evening, nice dinner and chat with friends. Like all of you , I am still following the news on the missing airlines (http://preethi-pretty.blogspot.com/2014/03/plane-missing-are-you-serious.html), the search area is expanded towards Indian Ocean as they suspect  that the plane flew for 4-5 hrs after it lost contact.Still it is a mystery and no one knows what happened. As we were chatting about this we were thinking of what all we worry about when we  travel on a plane

*Are we on time to check-in the baggage
*Check if the flight is on time/delayed
*Pass through the security to board on time
*Make sure our kids are safe in the airport
*Get to the gate and board the flight
*Make sure kids are not scared of take off
*Try to get a good seat if not assigned
*Then play or do something with our kids to keep them engaged
*Keep looking if we can get something to drink
*Eagerly wait for the food if you are very hungry and pray that your kids (if young ones) sleep when the food arrives
*For little ones take turn between husband and wife to change diapers
*Make sure you get the right food(veg/non-veg) that you ordered when you booked your tickets
* Since the food  served is less ,look around to see if you can get more bread/sandwich
* Try to walk around with kids
*Wait in big line to use the restroom
* Are there good movies to watch /complain about the movie collection
*Keep staring at the monitor to see how much more time we have before landing
*Make sure you follow the signs like seat belt on/off to move around
* See if you can get a blanket to sleep for some time
*Be happy when it is time to land
*Get off and look for connecting flight /go on when you reach the destination
Have you ever worried about what a cockpit is?? ,What do the pilots do there ??? Are we in safe hands??. We dont realize that we are placing our life in the hands of the pilot and co-pilot. May be it is time to worry about it now?? Please share your thoughts about this.

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