The Oscars

Hope everyone had a nice day.It was gloomy here in Austin and we didn’t get to go outside much.  I think all of you must be glued to your couch , watching the Oscars.Hope your favorite stars win.My all time favorite star is A.R Rahman whenever I think of  “Oscars” I think of him.
After I started to write this blog I have really started to admire and respect  people in show business. I have really not liked any actor/actress in show business.Let me come to that later.

People in show business create something novel and wait for reviews from their audience.Similarly I write a post and wait for your reviews. When I just started, I used to update my phone every now and then to see if I got any comments or if anyone shared their thoughts. Now I know that it takes”a lot” to make people come out of their shell ,make them read on what you think and comment their views on it.Now imagine how any actor or director or music director  would feel after their movies/albums are out.  For me this blog is just a passion to share my thoughts but they make a business out of it and they are more nervous. Reaching to masses is a very big achievement.

A.R Rahman received an Oscar for his “Jai Ho” but we all know that he didn’t get there overnight. For example last week in our car we played  AR Rahman 90’s hits. My son liked the song “Humma Humma” from Bombay movie and the song “Chiku Buku” from Gentleman movie. Just imagine how old these songs are, still they make the young kids really love them.That is what got him there.
I used to hate people in show business because I was judgmental of their personal lives and things go around  in that field.  But now I have started to respect the work they do. Everyone’s  personal life is for them to worry about. Why should I care about it. They reach to masses  and make public pay money to watch their creations. I am really happy that there are awards that honor them and motivate them to give us even more better creations.Do share your thoughts on this. Hope you all have a wonderful week.To learn more about Rahman music check out this site (

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