Potty training tips

Hope everyone is enjoying your weekend. We are just following our weekend schedule. Was a chilly day in Austin and did not get to do much.
Coming to today’s topic ,this a long due to one of my friend who has been asking me to write about it for a while. Usually you can start to potty train your kid around 2 years but there are some signs you can look for to see if your kid is ready even earlier. I have heard that girls train faster and earlier than boys. I have to see what my daughter does she is not yet potty trained but my son is. Since my daughter was born when my son was around 2 years old and we could not change diapers for both of them, we wanted to get our son potty trained. Most of the credit in potty training my son goes to my husband as I was busy with the little one then. Signs that your kid is ready
*He/she is able to tell you when they want to go
* Able to hold for a longer amount of time i.e you see more dry diapers or pull ups.
* Doesn’t feel comfortable with a heavy poppy/pee diaper
* He/she has a predictable bowel movement time in a day
* Shows some interest in using the potty
* Can pull down or up the pant or pull ups
Things you might need
* Smaller potty seat
* one of our friend presented my son a potty watch (basically something that reminds periodically that he has to go potty, you can just use a timer instead
*some liquids like juice/water for the kid to drink
* Something clothes to clean the accident areas

For our son we first stated the training around 18 months but he was not ready, so we again tried when he was 2 years and 4 months as I earlier mentioned that it was too  much of work to change diapers for 2 kids. We actually put a pull up on him initially and gave lot of juice and water to drink and set up the potty watch to remind him every 20 mins to try use potty.Usually the best time to start the training is in summer but we had to do it during winter time as he showed some signs around that time. He was very hesitant initially and kept on going in the pull up or made accidents and did not go in the potty( involves lot of cleaning).So we let him free believe me that is the best way. Give him/her enough fluids, let them free (no pull ups or underwear ) around the house and every 20 minutes take them to potty and ask them to try if they want to go. Whenever my son did pee pee in the potty all three of us (me ,my husband and my son) will do a potty dance (similar to ring of ring of roses) and say “Pranav did potty,Pranav did potty”. After a lot of effort and praise he finally got the hang of it the third weekend. We trained only during weekends and during weekdays we asked his day care provider to try. After he got the hang of it we put underwear on him. After that for a month he wore pull ups only during night , but we saw his pull ups dry most of the times when we checked in the morning. So we let him sleep without pull up and will wake him up once at night and take him to potty and put him back to sleep. Now he is full potty trained even at night but not completely out of accidents  yet. He will have one or two here and there. Try this with your kid and let me know if it worked.

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