Parents-Dont replace yourself with IPAD/IPHONE

I recently read an article about 3 -4 year old kids addicted to IPad. They want to play games in  it all night. Any time it is taken away from them they scream and yell. These kids dont play even with their siblings and know how to operate every single thing on the IPad which most grown up dont know.
My take on this is we as parents dont find ways to be with our kids and think IPad/IPhone  would be their best friend and give them one but in reality it becomes their worst enemy.It curbs the kids from doing what they are supposed to do. I know some kids who dont eat without watching something like rhymes or baby channel. My son used to be that way too but slowly we got him out of it.If they watch something and eat they have no idea on what they are eating and also they tend to keep on eating to watch more or just dont eat anything and just keep watching.
I dont think we can completely keep them away from media but anything with limited exposure is good.Have a restricted time when they can  watch something or play something on a phone or a tablet.Put a timer and when it ends they are done.Encourage other activities like reading,cutting papers with toy scissors,some art work, playing puzzle,coloring,helping you around and finally when you need a break some media time.This is what I follow.There is no IPad or any tablet in our house so my son targets our phone or TV for baby channel for which we follow this timer rule. 2-5 years are very formative age in a kids life and I think as parents we need to spend more time with them.If you all are aware of this and taking some control on media exposure it is really good. If not it is high time to start thinking on how to regulate it.We cant blame these kids for their actions we as parents need to take charge.

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