New born essentials

newborn essentials Hello everyone.  Congratulations to all  who are expecting their first kid and for people expecting your second read this post Sweet Sibling .For all who have read my post on Am I pregnant , in addition to all the emotional feeling of having a baby the biggest one is getting overwhelmed on what all you

Homemade yogurt

Hello everyone, thank you so much for all your comments. I am overwhelmed and  happy to receive your suggestions on how to improve my blog. Will surely try to follow it. Today’s post is something that takes me back to my childhood memories.What’s tasty, easy, and has lots of health benefits ?? Yogurt!!!. I remember how

Who is world’s best cook??

Hope all of you had a wonderful day.If you read this post ( you will know my routine for the day :).  I think most of you will be able to relate to today’s post.Initially after our wedding I was so enthusiastic and tried to cook all new dishes.I used to experiment a lot with

The Oscars

Hope everyone had a nice day.It was gloomy here in Austin and we didn’t get to go outside much.  I think all of you must be glued to your couch , watching the Oscars.Hope your favorite stars win.My all time favorite star is A.R Rahman whenever I think of  “Oscars” I think of him.After I

Husband+Wife =??

Hello everyone..hope you all had a nice day. If you shop at whole foods today I bought a groupon $10 for $5 ( it is available only for limited time, dont miss it. Let me come to today’s post. I noticed a big change  in the way people started to look at me after marriage.


For all those who read my previous posts on Hawaii ( &( this is the last island.Maui is the most beautiful of all three and if you are planning to visit only one island I would recommend going here.Day 9:As soon as we landed we        *Hiked the the Iao needle very beautiful

Big Island

Hope you all enjoyed your beautiful Sunday. Weather was awesome here and we had fun with our friends. I really like writing this Hawaii trip post as I am able to recollect some of my old sweet memories. For all who read my previous post ( today I am going to write on what all