California trip

Hi All, You all must have noticed that I didn’t update my posts regularly. I was enjoying my vacation .Just came back today.You will know where I went if you read this post ( We went to California mainly Folsom and Bay area. It was a wonderful trip and got to meet so many people


Hi..Hope you all had a wonderful day. Today’s topic is on “fighting”. Generally when two people have different views on things they get into an argument. As friends when we fight on small issues it is different.If you have read my post on (, I have already mentioned that don’t argue too early, hear the

Birds of same feather flock together

Hi All , hope all is well.If you have read my post on ( you will know what my profile is . I have lived  in three different cities in the USA. Wherever I have been I have always searched for people from my country.I will  visit the Indian grocery store in those cities to


Hi All hope all is good. If you have read my post on ( , I have written about siblings. Now when I see my kids playing with my niece I was reminded of my summer holidays where I used to enjoy with my cousins.Most summer vacations when I was young, my cousins used to

Does marriage change you??

Think everyone is getting ready for the week. If you have read this post Mother’s marriage advice to her son  , we went to Costco today and got our P&G products worth 100$. I still cant understand how we always spend so much at Costco every week 100$ flies away just like that. Now we