Newborn Essentials II

I know that this topic targets only a few audience still I wanted to go for it so whenever people need it they can refer to this post.Continuing on yesterday’s topic New born essentials, I missed to mention a few more items:
*In third trimester if you have problem sleeping try to get this body pillow, it was very useful for me to sleep without issues as it supported my back well. Even my husband would sleep on this pillow sometimes. It is very comfortable.
*If you are breastfeeding buy a bobby nursing pillow this will save your back big time. Also get this nipple butter cream please buy this and take it to the hospital very useful and soothing.
*Get a dresser and a changing pad where you can change diapers and also a diaper genie(if you can manage to throw diapers away everyday to your trash can then you dont need this).

*Baby bath items:Get a small bath tub. You will be asked to give a sponge bath until the umbilical cord fall s off. After that you can use this. Johnson’s baby body wash and no tear shampoo., after bath usually apply moisturizer we buy cetaphil from Costco consult with your doctor on what to buy during your 2nd day appointment. Some bath towels.
*Basic health related items:Get a small bottle of  baby Tylenol and diaper rash cream,we use A+D ointment for diaper rash prevention and Desitin for diaper rash. You can get these later also after consulting with your pediatrician.
*Baby monitor:It is always a good to have. Don’t go for too expensive ones unless the need.Based on your budget you can get one.
*Pacifiers: Dont use the pacifiers from the hospital. Get a orthodontic pacifier . I used pacifiers for my son. But for my daughter I didn’t just for the fear of my son wanting it again. Use your judgement try to avoid using it.But if you give your kid the pacifier and you get some rest/sleep then go for it.I did not  have much trouble in making my son to stop using it.
*Rocker: You can put your baby in this during initial months so you can do your work as they watch you.We got this rocker 
 Also we used some gripe water whenever our kids got some gas troubles I bought a swing and a rocking chair  that was useful to soothe the baby.Get some basic toys so you can engage them as they grow.I think I have covered pretty much all, that I know of.You will figure out what all you need as the journey starts. Dont worry about anything now. It is really wonderful to watch your kids grow .So enjoy your days and be ready to welcome your new one. If  you have any questions you can drop an email in my inbox. I can always answer questions based on my experience.Thanks for reading and do share it so people can benefit from it.

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