Moving to Austin?? Check this post for top 10 apartment complexes in Austin !!

With lot of rain the weather is very pleasant in Austin. I have been living in Austin for several years but in  past 3-4 years the number of people moving into this city has increased tremendously.  No doubt Austin is the fastest growing city in U.S.

You can split Austin into North Austin, Round Rock and South Austin. I recently collaborated with Indus Ladies website and wrote  articles on the top 10 apartment complex for Indians in Austin covering all these three major areas . I really thank Jey from Indus Ladies for giving me inputs for writing this  article and  also all my friends who gave me apartment suggestions. Jey provided valuable information and also published it in the website.

Other things explained well in these articles are

*Nearby companies for each apartment complex
*Nearby mall and shopping center
*Nearby Indian grocery
*Schools assigned for each apartment complex
*Nearby Freeway accesses.

Here is the link to it do check it out.
Top 10 Apartments for Indians in North Austin
Top 10 Apartments for Indians in Round Rock Area
Top 10 Apartments for Indians in South Austin

I  did a lot of research in writing these articles. If you think you have some more input to it or if you think more apartments can be added to the list do leave a comment. If you find this information very useful please do like my blog FB page IndoUsMoms FB page. Thank you for all the likes and support.

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