More tips to save money while buying a house….

Happy Friday everyone. I am so excited as one of our friends is visiting us and are going to stay with us over the weekend. Dont know if I will have time to update my blog over the weekend.(will try my best to).For all who read my previous post ( I would like to add more on what other things you can do to save money.Every couple I have met always says this”We had to pay a little more than our budget” to get this house. So when this happens you really want  to save money on other things. This happened to us also and we did the following:
If you are building a new house with a builder:
* Dont get the blinds from the builder. You can buy them from they have videos with  step by step instructions on how to measure,order and fix blinds. They have a large variety of blinds to choose from and you can order samples before you make the real order to see if the color and the material is what you were looking for. Very great customer service and I would highly recommend them.
*Never get fans from your builder,you can always buy them from Lowe’s or Home Depot when they have a sale.Lowe’s always gives you a 10% off coupon when you buy a new home you can leverage that too and fix it by yourself.
*If you want to put a vegetable patch or plant more trees or have a flower bed   in your backyard/front yard plan accordingly.Move sprinklers accordingly and make sure you dont put any grass/lawn in those areas so you have one less work to pull them out when you plan to have them later.
*Never get custom painting done from builder as they will charge too much for it. Get it done from some one local for a cheaper price.
*Try to see if you can pay some one who works there to get small things done. For example we wanted another hanger rod in our bed room closet and we got it done by paying one of the worker who was working there which was a lot cheaper.
For people who are buying an already built house, always inspect your house before you buy and see if you can get an estimate on how much it would cost you to fix damages so the seller can deduct that from the price of the house.I dont have much experience on this one.Someone who went through this process please add  comments on what all we can do here.Have a nice weekend and thanks for taking time to read this post.

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