Little Helpers

It has been a week of blogging madness. I am liking it and want to share more things with you all.Thanks for all the comments and encouragement.
Following my previous post I just wanted to give you some ways to engage your kids at home to help you around.When me and my husband attended a parenting class on “RAISING INDEPENDENT KIDS” they gave us a list of things a 2-4 year old can do to help you around in the house, I was amazed to see that list.Slowly we started to try a few of them which we thought were age appropriate and guess what our kid excelled in doing those than what we imagined.Here are few examples that you can start with.
*Try to see if they can help you with arranging grocery items after you get back from shopping.They can pull it out from the bag and hand it over to you and you can place them in appropriate places.Make sure you remove all glass or other non kid friendly items before hand. Slowly you will see them following you and they will know where to keep what.
*Try their hands in laundry.My son loves to put dirty clothes in washer and washed one in drier. He likes to handle it completely with little help.
* When you do dishes give them the non-breakable things and and a basin of water just to dip those vessels and give it back to you.Believe me they love doing it.
*We love methi leaves that we get them from Indian stores every week during the season.Just try giving them a few bunches to separate leaves from stem.They love experimenting with it.
*Buy a small cleaning brush from dollar store like the one on the picture and they will be very happy to clean the mess they create with it.
*You can always ask them to wipe their high chair or table or floor when they spill something on it.

Initially everything they do will be a mess. Eventually they will get better at it. Demonstrate every single step without talking and ask them to just watch you on how you want it to be done. Of course whatever they do wont be like a work of a professional but they will try their best and you will have to do the rest.Encourage them by saying what a “LITTLE HELPER” you are. Also they are moody sometimes they just dont like to do it and it is perfectly fine. Try some of these and share things that I have missed and what your kids help you all around with.

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