Is it good or bad for both husband and wife to work in a family?

Hello everyone ..hope all of you had a wonderful day.I had a normal day but very tired and waiting to hit the bed.Today’s topic is something that I have always been thinking about. When both husband and wife work full time in a family is it good or bad? I just want to list out the pros and cons of it

*Obvious reason is financial status. When both work the income is double and the financial status of the family increases.
*Even when one person loses his/her job the other person can still support the family.
*In current generation women are also well educated , so they can make use of their hard earned degree.
*When  women also work they  can support themselves financially and they have a sense of independence.
*When both  work they can understand the work pressure each other undergoes.
*A sense of equality prevails in the house.

*Both miss their time with kids
*Both husband and wife are stressed out.
*It is very difficult for both of them to be really career oriented, someone has a take a back step sometimes
*Have to plan a lot of things ahead to keep things smooth in the family
*It is double the work after kids and still be able to manage it
*No time to even talk about general family issues
*So many small things to face day to day when kids are sick who will take off? who will drop kids at school?who will pick up? Will the nanny take care of the baby?
*Believe me life is very hectic when both work and you will have to really be on your toes at work and after you get home.

I personally believe when both work they share the burden of the family better than single person working. But if things go too much out of control then it is better to talk it out and make a decision and if financially it make sense for one person to work and the other to quit. There are so many other things  that comes into the equation for someone not to work, may want to pursue a passion, try something new, or visa issues, prefer to take care of the kids. Life is not all about money. So think well and take a decision that will suit  your family than to go by the norm. Please share what your thoughts about this post and good night.

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