If you have a baby, you need a Nose Frieda

Happy weekend people.  As I have always mentioned I am getting ready for my weekend routine. This weekend also we are very very busy.  But all fun events planned looking forward to it.

Coming to today’s topic in general all  kids  have a running nose especially if they go to a day care. If they go to a day care and if one kid gets it all other kids get it too. It could be cold,flu or even allergies.It took at least 3 years for my son to blow his nose  on his own, until then whenever he had a congested nose we will use the “bulb syringe” that we got from the hospital to clear the mucus, but we never knew if there was any mucus collected in it or not. In general kids dont like us to mess around with their nose and he used to cry a lot and it was a pain to handle it. Doctor’s generally ask you to clear kids nose if congested at least twice a day so it will be easier for them to breathe.

So I asked around to see if people knew something better that we can use to clear my kids nose. I found out about this product from one of my friend.It is called “Nose Frieda” Basically it has a plastic head that you place near the babies nose and then there is a tube through which you blow using your mouth and the mucus is collected in the plastic head. It worked like magic and we were able to clear his nose easily. Only downside is as kids grow older like 18 -24 months when they have the strength to push it away from their nose ,you need two people to do it. It is absolutely better than the “bulb syringe” that we used to use before. Try this on your kid and let me know if it worked.

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