If only they told me it was Science

Good morning everyone.  Yesterday evening we had been to my son’s school to attend “Science Fair”, I enjoyed every bit of it and got refreshed with most of the basic concepts about science which I had forgotten for a while. It was very late by the time we got home. I did draft this post yesterday night but before I could post it, heard my daughter cry, so just had to leave it for today.

There are around 8 classes in his school and each class had a topic and they displayed science projects  based on that topic. General topics were Plants, Science Experiments, Life Cycles, Botany, Earth Science, and Animal Kingdom. My daughter was excited to see rabbit, chickens, turtle, parrot and kudos to all who were involved , it was an amazing display.
My son’s class had the topic Botany. He has been telling us the word “Botany” for around three weeks and when I asked him what they are doing in Botany , he said “I will not tell you, will show it to you when you come”. He was all excited yesterday evening and when we went there, he took us to his favorite spot. It was “Grinding the Herbs”. He told me about the general herb plants. He didn’t know everything but knew mint well as we use it at home. But all his focus was on grinding it. Till now I never knew he liked grinding so much.

                                                     Pranav grinding the herbs

This took me back to my childhood. I have helped my mom in grinding small things. I remember grinding cardamon powder. Also separating  mint leaves from  its stem. But I never related it to science. I used to just do it as a chore and will be waiting to get done with it. But now after I saw this I am all excited, (read this post on Little Helper’s  to know how to get help from your kids) as I have an exact hand grind at home and I can give it to my son and ask him to grind “cardamon,cumin, coriander seeds “,get my work done at the same time explain to him about the spices and different things and call it “Science”. 

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