I love the traffic these days ,want to know why???

Another busy week and weekend. Got to meet an old friend and chatted about good old memories, on how  life was before kids , how we spent our weekend nights playing board games etc.. After we moved to Austin , life has really changed for us and I am happy about the change !!!

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Everywhere the traffic is increasing. Especially in Austin,compared to the time  when we moved in,the traffic has increased tremendously. I know people who have “high blood pressure” just due to driving in traffic and some people develop something called “traffic tension”. Everyday it takes at least 40 minutes for us to reach our kid’s school from home and in the evening we are at least in the car for 1 hr -1 hr 30 mins. For people who have their home,work and kid’s school/day care all  close by is really a boon.

 One thing that took me time to understand is,” no use getting frustrated”. We follow some things that help us through this ,so just thought will share it with all of you.

* Try to start early so you don’t rush to reach a place. This is very hard to follow. We are trying our best so that we have enough time to reach school or work.
*Some days if you are late just accept it and mentally be prepared to reach that place late, than driving too fast.
*We usually try to carpool and so the time spent in traffic is mostly family time and we also split the drive so we have company in the car.
*Morning’s we teach our kids “sloga’s” that keep them diverted.
*After chanting all the slogas, if it takes even more time we play some other devotional songs.
*Evenings if there is a peak traffic, I break the drive and take them to a park when the weather is nice and then drive later when the traffic slows down.

All this can be done only with very good planning. I plan in such a way that ,even when we get  home late in the evening, we have food on the table within 20-30 mins.

 Please add what all you do to keep yourself sane when stuck in traffic. Also stay tuned to know about a habit  that really spoils your whole day to be posted on Wednesday at 10 pm. I AM PLANNING TO CHANGE THE NAME OF MY BLOG TO SOMETHING MORE MEANINGFUL. Stay tuned to know what that is and please book mark it. Good night and have  a wonderful week.

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