Finding your passion …

Hello everyone I wanted to post something yesterday night but was out on my first girls night out. It was a lot of fun.Laughed a lot after a very long time.Thanks to all my friends who made it more hilarious. As I have promised not to write about what all we did I am not going to go into it.But a very refreshing “MY TIME” which I think I need more often.I was home late yesterday night thought will wake up to be a tired person but guess what I was very fresh and happy to wake up and more looking forward to having fun with my kids in the morning..Thanks to my best buddy for driving us around and inviting me to join and to my beloved husband for taking care of the kids when I was away.
Now coming to today’s topic finding my passion has been a big challenge for me.I am always curious on how people find theirs. For people who know what your passion is “DID IT JUST APPEAR BEFORE YOU ONE FINE DAY ????”… for me it has been a very difficult task.I tried to narrow down on things I liked to do..I figured out I like to cook (I thought this is my passion for a long time),I like to talk to people on phone(don’t think I can call this a passion),I like to comfort others when I talk to them ,will hear them out so always people discuss with me topics that is nagging in their mind  (my husband jokes” I think you have a board hanging on your neck saying “I will hear out all your problems”” ; this  can’t be a passion),I have a very good memory but didn’t know what I can do with it…One thing I was always good at was writing my yearly review at work where I used to write stories about things I did that year( Dont get me wrong I don’t get a promotion every year for that). This year after writing my review I thought may be I should start writing a blog. Now I think I have finally found it. Do share with me yours and how you found that you are really passionate about doing it.Thanks for taking time to read this post.

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