Hi..Hope you all had a wonderful day. Today’s topic is on “fighting”. Generally when two people have different views on things they get into an argument. As friends when we fight on small issues it is different.If you have read my post on (, I have already mentioned that don’t argue too early, hear the other side of the issues too.
As husband and wife when we fight on things it is very different, each fight will teach you more  about your partner and their characteristics. It will either make the relationship more stronger or it will completely ruin it.

When we fight, usually we are always concerned about us and our view on things. Sometimes we try everything to make our point and we don’t worry about others around us. We hardly hear what the other person has to say and also about their feeling on the issue. So when  it just the husband and the wife it is a different ball game. Once you have kids you have to be very careful. They listen to each and everything you talk and when you fight in front of them ,it really affects them a lot.
These days even when me and my husband have different views on something we make conscious effort to discuss about it later. Believe me it takes a lot to really practice it. There have been times when my husband reminds me that “Kids are here let us talk about it later” and I tell him the same too. After following this we are really happy that we are  providing a healthy environment for our kids and family. Please share your thoughts on this and how you handle “fight” in your life.

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