Feeding schedule for 1- 2 year old

I hope all of you read my yesterday post on (http://preethi-pretty.blogspot.com/2014/03/feeding-schedule-from-newborn-1-yr-old.html). Today’s topic is the continuation of that. Congratulations to all the parents of one year old  for  reaching this milestone. After one year you can pretty much feed most of the things that we eat.
*Thumb rule is anything you introduce new make sure you give it to your kid for at least three  days in a row just to make sure no reaction like rash or allergies due to the new food.
* Biggest challenge will be to switch to cow’s milk as most kids dont like it at the first go.  First try plain milk and if they dont like it then you will have to try different flavors.

My daughter’s feeding schedule is
First thing in the morning: Usually I start the day with a cup of plain milk for my daughter.
Breakfast :I give her bread toast +chocolate cream (nutella) or jam or peanut butter /oatmeal/waffle/pancake/cheerios(cereal) in the morning
Morning snack: Fruits (strawberry,apple,orange,banana,pear)
Lunch: see this post (http://preethi-pretty.blogspot.com/2014/03/kids-lunch-ideas.html), I will pack one of this for my daughter.
Evening after nap :yogurt with oatmeal cereal / fruits/ cheese/crackers/cookies(I pack only a box of yogurt other snacks she gets in day care)
After I pick her up:I will give her some cookies/raisins/figs/dates/some fruits.
Dinner:She will eat roti/ idli /dosai /upma /pesarattu/ stuffed paratha/methi paratha/ rava dosai/ noodles/curd rice  (whatever we make for us) + yogurt ,finally will give her some oat meal cereal (similar to cerelac)  if I feel she didn’t eat enough of what I made for us that day.
Since she gets  most of the veggies only at lunch I always will try to add some boiled veggies along with her lunch like boiled carrots or peas or beans, cucumber, sauteed yellow squash.
Weekend: Only change will be for lunch she will eat spinach rice or dhall rice along with the veggie we eat. My daughters favorite veggies are beans,carrot,yellow squash,red capsicum, ladies finger,cabbage, sweet potato.So I’ll make sure I make one of these veggie on Saturday and Sunday.
Most of the days she will refuse to eat, and is very moody about food and I dont have to mention about the mess. Still I’ll be happy if she eats something. Also we give her a vitamin gummy prescribed by the doctor for vitamin D intake.Please comment on what you do for your kids so I can learn more and add some variety to my daughters meal. Thanks for taking time to read this post.

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