Does Costco organic whole milk contain fish oil??

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Humans are the only species who drink animal (cow,goat) milk. May be in olden days people owned a  cow and drank the milk produced from it. But these days we dont know where our milk comes from. I really want to try to wean away from milk but I dont like any other alternatives. One of my uncle is a strong anti-milk person. He did so much of research on it and finally concluded that our body doesn’t need milk. After reading all this news I am soon going to follow his footsteps. Some milk contain growth hormones that could cause adverse effects on our body. We need to be really careful about it or better don’t consume it.

I recently read an article where it mentioned that organic whole milk from Costco contains fish oil in it. I really dont like fish oil in my food. If you are like me then you would not want it in your milk. Looks like they add fish oil to provide Omega-3 to the consumers. Most of the time we never look at the ingredients and especially when I take my kids for shopping, I really dont look into anything. Mind is always focused on how soon we can leave the store. We never buy milk from Costco. To know about the general things that we buy from Costco read these posts Are you costco member??read this post and also Are you a coscto member ??read this post II. We are very picky on the milk we drink and also give our kids. We always get our milk from whole foods.

So for all of you who buy milk from Costco or other stores please read about pasteurization and growth hormones. “Organic” has just become a fancy name and that doesn’t necessarily mean good.I think this applies to all foods that we buy from outside. Most of them contain so much of preservatives that are not good. So always read your ingredients and read about ingredients online to know what you are consuming. Good night and see you all soon with another post. Stay tuned and share your thoughts.

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