Do you always remember a person’s profession?

Thank you all for sharing my previous post Are you a wantreprenuer? Read more to find out and also your thoughts on it . It really encourages me to write more.
In this fast paced world it is very difficult to even remember a person’s name, do you think it is possible to remember a person’s profession ?,especially for people who are really close to you and whom you know very well from childhood days. I have a cousin who is a dentist, but I have never asked her any questions or second opinion on any dental procedure’s that I  underwent last year, not because she is not good , it is because I can never relate her to her profession. I am pretty sure most of you will agree with me on this. A funny incident happened in my family based on this ,let us see what happened.

My moms family is a very big family and it took years for me to understand the relationships and to remember everyone’s names. When I was young ,always there will be someone’s wedding that we will attend.If you have read this post Our wedding story, I have mentioned that in Indian weddings thousands of people will be invited. Similarly  for one wedding there were so many people who traveled from other cities to attend the wedding in Chennai (a city in India). One of my aunt is a dentist and my uncle is a general surgeon. Out of all who attended the wedding ,one person fell sick and had diarrhea caused due to travel and food. It was noon and my uncle was asleep. Others went around searching for a  doctor. In India, you dont need appointment to see a doctor, there will be so many small clinics on every other street. All it takes is to get a token ,wait for your turn to see the doctor.Also you dont have to worry about insurance.They took him to a doctor and  came back with a prescription. My uncle woke up and came out, seeing the commotion, he  asked what was going on,  when they explained he said “Don’t you all remember that I am a doctor? and  I have all the medicines”, he took one medicine from a his bag and gave it to that person. Everyone replied “Oh yeah..we totally forgot that you are a doctor”.
I feel it is very natural for us to forget a person’s profession when we know them personally. On whatever profession you work,at home you are still a husband/wife or mom/dad or kids to your parents or relative  to someone. So naturally our brain does not save that field for a person when you know them very close. Please share this post and also your thoughts.

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