Chuck E Cheese Rocks!!

Hello everyone. A quiet Saturday afternoon at home for me. The weather is awesome outside and kids and hubby are asleep. Perfect time to write my post.
Last week we had been to a birthday party at the Chuck E Cheese.  Believe it or not that was our first time to Chuck E Cheese. The birthday party was from 10-12 in the morning. As soon as we entered I figured out that it was not just a eat out place. We met our friends and the cute birthday girl , wished her and then we were running behind our kids who were all excited to ride on the various fun rides that was there.

I saw so many parents with their kids and it was a Saturday morning. I was impressed so much seeing the crowd. I thought to myself  “Wow, so many people come here on a Saturday morning”. My kids enjoyed all the rides there. It is a perfect place for kids from 2-7 years I would say. 
Then our friend came and told us there is going to be cake cutting and some show with the Chuck E Cheese mascot. We gathered around a table and to my surprise there were 8 tables and 8 birthday parties going on in parallel at the same time. Then I understood that all people who were there, were a part of another birthday party. I felt like being in an Indian marriage for the first time. So many people , so much of commotion and the singers were bringing the hall down singing “Chuck E Cheese Rocks”. All kids watched the special treatment given to the birthday kid. Finally after the party was over, as  we were heading out, I saw the people getting ready for the next set of birthday parties.
We got into our car and my son started singing “Chuck E Cheese Rocks” . Then he asked “Are we going to celebrate my birthday party in Chuck E Cheese?” “I like this place appa (Dad) and I want to go there again”.
I just thought to myself “What an excellent  business model this is ?” , Not only they managed to celebrate so many birthday parties at the same time, they were able to put the brand in the kids mind and also make them wonder if they were going to have a cool birthday like that. I really admire how they have designed the whole thing and how nicely they executed it. 

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