Being a Dad….

All the dads out there I salute you especially the ones who really participate in every little thing of your kids life.
As all moms talk about how difficult it is to be a mom and what all we sacrifice to be a mom, seeing my husband and my brother as a dad I feel being a dad is also tough.
General comments are moms are the ones who suffer and carry their baby during pregnancy and deliver them undergoing all the pain. But from a Dads perspective when he knows that is wife/partner is pregnant the first thing that comes to his mind is the financial responsibility (another dependent),though I carried my kids during pregnancy my husband has carried them in their car seats when they are more heavier for more than a year.Also dads don’t get to feel the kicks or any other joys of pregnancy.Another fact is it is very difficult to see your loved one undergo pain during delivery and you are in a situation where you really cannot do anything.
I feel dads in US or anywhere abroad who dont have grandparents or a nanny to help really do a lot.Talking to some people in India even current generation dads dont have much to do  and everything is taken care for them.Though it might seem that dads whose lives don’t change much after a baby are really lucky in reality they are missing out on something. They dont know much about their kids and are missing an opportunity to bond with them.
So all dads who are working hard and taking the time to bond with your kids continue your good job all this will turn into a good childhood memory for your kids with you in them. For all those who are taking it easy and shying away(I dont believe anybody would want to do that) from responsibilities it is a wake up call. Get to know your kids more and spend more time with them.You will not regret it.

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